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Sennheiser 416 Microphone

The Microphone

Its excellent directivity and compact design, high consonant articulation and feedback rejection make the MKH 416 an incredible voice over microphone. There's a good reason why it's been named "The world's best voice over microphone".

The most important tool in a voice over studio is the microphone. Our weapon of choice is the legendary Sennheiser MKH 416.

Voice Over Acoustic Foam

The Acoustics

Acoustic treatment can be a tricky process when setting up a studio, but a crucial part of getting a clean vocal recording.

Because our studio room is larger than the ideal sound booth, we use a specialised material.

The walls are lined with premium, 'eggshell' acoustic foam. This is industry standard material and ensures that our recordings aren't affected by any spatial reverb from the walls.

To hear a demo of what the acoustic foam does, watch our video here!

Zoom H6 Audio Mixer

The Mixer

Zoom are a Japanese brand who make some really brilliant handheld recorders. This is their top tier portable recorder, the H6.

With 4 microphone inputs and an interchangeable X&Y ambient microphone at the top, we've used this piece of gear for recording voice overs on the go and even recording live music! It's been a favourite in the studio for nearly 10 years and it's still going strong.

Audio Production Software Adobe

The Software

As Hi-Fi nerds through and through, we believe great quality audio starts and ends with the programs that you use. We use a couple of them for different styles of projects.

Adobe Audition is our 'old faithful'. It's what we use for 80% of projects because it does everything. Well, everything audio at least. Recording, vocal editing, effects, multi-track production are just some of the tricks this Audition can do!

Sony Vegas Pro is a new addition to our software collection and it's what we use when producing On-Hold Messages. It has a beautiful and smooth way of fading background music in and out of voice over samples, so we love it for that reason.

Speakers Studio Monitors Yamaha

The Speakers

And last, but most definitely not least; for clean audio monitoring, we would be lost without our set of Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitors.

These beauties are Yamaha's best selling studio monitors. They're the smallest in the HS line at 5 inches, but boy do they pack a punch. They're the standard in the voice over industry as they give an incredibly accurate reference sound. That means that what goes in is exactly what comes out.

Voice Over Studio Microphone

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